ASTA Certified LV Panels

We are the First Panel Builders in India to have our Products tested and certified as per IEC 61439 Standards. We are proud to distinguish ourselves as an IEC 61439 panel builder.

A list of our Products tested and certified by ASTA, UK as per IEC 61439 Part 1 & 2.

Sl. No.Product DescriptionRatingShort Circuit capacityIP RatingYear of Testing
1.LV Main Distribution Board4500A80kA for 1 Second and 65kA for 3 SecondsIP432010-2011
2.LV Main Distribution Board2500A65kA for 3 SecondsIP432010-2011
3.LV Main Distribution Board1600A65kA for 3 SecondsIP432010-2011
4.LV Sub Main Distribution Board800A50kA for 1 SecondIP552010-2011
5.LV Sub Main Distribution Board400A36kA for 1 SecondIP552010-2011
6.LV Sub Main Distribution Board250A36kA for 1 SecondIP552010-2011