Packaged Substation/ E-House

Since our inception, we are in the field of Design and Manufacturing of Acoustically treated Gas Turbine Enclosures, supplying to PSU such as BHEL.

With such experience and combining our in-depth knowledge of Power Distribution system, we developed and supplied Acoustically treated Containerized Package substation to our customers in the Middle East.

The Package Substation is designed to house:

  • A Ring Main Unit
  • Distribution Transformer with 0.415kV output on Secondary
  • LV Distribution panel/ Feeder Pillar

Important features of our Package Substation are:

  • Outer skin of the PSS fabricated of Corrugated Sheet steel which is duly metalized and painted.
  • All the 3 compartments viz. RMU, Transformer, LV Panel are internally partitioned for operational safety.
  • The 3 individual compartments are provided with individual entry doors.
  • All the doors are Fire rated and provided with Panic bars.
  • Safe and suitable cable routing is provided between all the 3 compartments.
  • The PSS is fully earthed with a Copper Earth bar running throughout the length of PSS and connected to nearest earth pit at site.
  • Internally, floor of PSS is provided with Chequered duly painted MS plate or with Aluminium chequered plate.  
  • Optionally, we can also provide Rockwool insulation to the interior walls.
  • To facilitate perimeter lighting, Outdoor type Bulk Head Lamps are provided on the outside.
  • Bulk head lamps are operable by IP65 rated outdoor type Switches.
  • To facilitate equipment entry into the PSS, we can provide Detachable type roof if required.
  • Provision for mounting on a raised platform at Site.
Outer view of a PSS
Internal view of PSS