CPRI Tested Panels

We have tested numerous panels with India’s premier testing laboratory, CPRI.

A list of panels tested at CPRI, Bangalore.

Sl. NoProduct DescriptionRatingShort Circuit capacityIP RatingYear of Testing
1.LV Main Distribution Board3200A100kA for 1 SecondIP542014-2015
2.LV Main Distribution Board1600A50kA for 1 SecondIP552012-2016
3.LV Sub Main Distribution Board400A44kA for 1 SecondIP552017
4.LV Sub Main Distribution Board320A25kA for 1 SecondIP432015
5.LV MCC – Fixed400A50kA for 1 SecondIP542012
6.LV MCC – Drawout630A65kA for 1 SecondIP552014-2015
7.MCB Distribution Board125A17.5kA for 0.25 SecondsIP432017
8.MCB Distribution Board100A16kA for 0.1 SecondsIP432012